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The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund was established in 1969 by Pelham residents who wanted to provide food and financial assistance for their less fortunate neighbors.  We have helped over 2400 residents in the last forty years. Our slogan is People Helping People and that has certainly been our experience in good times as well as bad times in the town of Pelham.

Our fund is made possible by the generosity of our neighbors

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George and his wife Debbie have been married for 24 years. George has lived in Pelham since 1970 and Debbie her whole life. He served in the Army from 1972 to 1974. They have three children and three grandchildren and they have legal custody and are raising two of the grandchildren. George was very active in his community. He was one of the first members in the Citizens Emergency Response Team program who went to the southern states to help when hurricane Irene struck. He was an active member at St. Patrick’s men’s group. George was the first to offer a ride or help in any way he could when special projects would come up especially when it came to someone in need. In 2007, Debbie had triple bypass heart surgery and on New Year’s Eve in 2009, George got a call from his doctor that he had prostate cancer. His cancer had already spread to the bone, it was in his skull and he needed surgery. George was taken hormone therapy which kept the cancer at bay for five years until the summer of 2012. The cancer was spreading and his hormone therapy was no longer working. He began radiation treatment and later chemo with little results. In June of 2013, George was diagnosed with another cancer, Multiple Myeloma which was totally unrelated to his prostate cancer. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for both cancers. His prostate cancer was spreading dramatically and his chemo was not working. So for five months, George and Debbie went twice a week for two different treatments, changing the prostate cancer chemo several times due to its failure until his prostate cancer became so out of control, his doctor decided to stop the Myeloma treatment and concentrate on the prostate cancer. He has lost 65 pounds and is so sick, under a lot of pain that he cannot get out of bed and those days are becoming more frequent. George has been put in the hospice program and it will not be much longer before he passes. His biggest concern is the financial impact on the family. They own their home and he has no life insurance. Debbie has taken a lot of unpaid time off from work to be with him at his appointments and be home for their two grandchildren, five and eleven who they have been raising for eleven years. The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund wants to help the Demarais family. We have established the George Desmarais Fund at Enterprise Bank. If you would like to make a tax deduction donation on line, please visit our website at and under 'Gift in honor of' type in George Desmarais Fund or you can make your check payable to the Pelham Good Neighbor Fund, P.O. Box 953, Pelham, NH 03076 and write in George Desmarais Fund in the memo portion of the check.

Debbie says that George is the love of her life which has been put to the test over the years but like George always said to me, “It was always us baby, you and me, we can get through anything if we stay a team.” We are asking for your financial support for the Desmarais family. They are not only facing the loss of a husband, father and Grandfather but also the financial expenses of maintaining a home.

Frank Sullivan


The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund Committee has just completed 43 years of helping our Neighbors In Need. The committee had a another busy and challenging year in 2012 due to the poor economy and the high unemployment but we were able to take care of 37 residents in Pelham throughout the year for their household expenses including rent, heat, electricity and food amounting to $26,120 and during the Christmas season, we provided toys, clothing and food to 26 families including 61 children. We had a lot of help along the way including the Post Office where we coordinated our 16th Annual Food Drive for the Food Pantry of Pelham at St. Patrick Parish, our 22nd. Annual Sponsor-A-Child program where residents in town purchase gifts for the children and families for Christmas and our 43rd. Annual Christmas Drive where volunteers from the various organizations including: The American Legion Post 100, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10722, St. Patrick Knights of Columbus Council 6902, the Pelham Firefighters Association and the Cub Scouts Pack 25 collected food and cash donations at the Pelham Plaza. In addition, we received donations throughout the year from the business community, organizations, schools, churches, families and individuals. We held our 19th Annual Golf Tournament and our 43rd. Annual Christmas Drive. These donations and our fundraisers have made it possible to provide financial assistance to our Pelham residents for household expenses and financially support a men's and women's shelter who cover residents of Pelham. In addition, we awarded one scholarship amounting to $2500 to a high school senior who had a financial need and had been accepted at a college and over the past thirteen years, we have awarded 16 scholarships amounting to $38,000. The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund Committee is made up of fourteen volunteers who are dedicated and committed to helping our less fortunate residents in Pelham and your donations have allowed us to reach out to touch someone to let them know that we care. The committee would like to thank you for your support and we look forward to being of service to the community in the year 2013.

Frank Sullivan

The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund Committee were the Grand Marshalls for the Old Home Day Parade which was held in Pelham on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

Pictured front row from left to right: Chuck Curtis, Linda Pace, and Karen Fournier
Pictured back row from left to right: Mary Ann Roche, Jimmy Roche, Priscilla Pike-Church, Nancy Vachon, Frank Sullivan, Cheryl Brunelle and Darlene Michaud
Missing from the photo: Dennis Hogan, Ann Marie Lacharite and Gerty Sousa

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